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Income tax, payroll tax, and sales tax services
Official Site for the IRS. Everything you
need to know about your individual and business
Federal tax questions, including payroll tax and
income tax.
Everything you need to know about setting up a new
business in Texas.  Also, Texas state sales tax and
franchise tax info as well as links for forms, and
Important Websites and Calculators
+124.98+89.25+ 58.45

123.25 + 56.46 + 45.99

123.25+56.46+45.99 =
Of course, my rates are lower, but this is a must see
before choosing a ProAdvisor - also check experience,
qualifications, certifications, and references!
Click this link to decide what you really need. See
QB Discounts page before you buy for great
discounts on all Intuit products!
File and pay unemployment taxes online. File for
unemployment and check benefits for individuals.
ObamaCare Tax Facts  Good article about how the
Affordable Care Act may affect you.

Paypal link for customers paying online